Friday Gear: Ma new bike

My Baby

There she is, my baby. Boyfriend picked her up on Wednesday I got to go for a 6k ride before I nosedived into the craziness of the rest of the week. I’ve got some stuff to figure out, the gears are new to me, my butt is 100% unaccustomed to the seat (or any seat) and keeping a line is a new skill to learn with such a responsive bike.

But I love her. I love having a bike that’s big enough for me. I love having a bike that I can learn and get used to and comfortable with and keep.

It’s a Norco Valence A2 which is mostly a road bike with some pretty sweet endurance features. I was able to put fenders and a rack on it for commuting/trips but it’s still sporty as all hell. Oh and the brakes work!

I don’t have a ton to report about it, I need to do a lot more riding. I intend to take her out on Sunday with Shayne for a nice long ride. Maybe Saturday as well, we’ll see. I’m so excited you guys, she’s so pretty. Just wait until I get some pink tape for the handle bars. CAT MOBILE.

Oh did I mention the reflective stickers Shayne got me?

Photo 2013-07-26 8 24 03 AM

Coolest bike kid. Right here!

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