Zero to bike douche in one afternoon

I finally did it. I finally bought a bike. A bike of my very own. A bike fitted to me. A bike that I can put the reflective cat stickers on that Shayne got me.

I’ve been making another concerted effort to get over my bike fear and pick up this new sport. I borrowed a bike from the kind Tikkileigh and while it isn’t the newest or the flashiest it works..for the most part. It’s quite small for me and the gears are what they call “suicide gears” and the brakes aren’t SUPER effective but it works and it gets me places and it’s fun.

I got out three times last week for a little 6km ride that made me more out of breath than I’d care to admit. Probably because I was too scared to change gear so I was basically riding a fixie. On Saturday I participated in a Ladies “Get back on the bike” program for new riders. It was run by a couple of ladies from Tristars which is a local Triathlon training group who trains everyone from beginners to experienced triathletes.

It was a great program, only 2.5 hours but it covered some rules, signals, basic bike skills and included a short group ride. I got a bit of sun stroke but still had a pretty good time. I was definitely the only one there who wasn’t in bike gear, choosing instead to wear jeans and a t-shirt and I was also the only one with a bike older than 5 years. The ladies labelled me the cool one. Definitely before they had to witness me climb up Royal Oak Rd in a bike I couldn’t change the gears on. Couldn’t/wouldn’t/was too scared to.

The group ride was amazing! Travelling down the Lochside trail, chatting to other terrified cyclists, saying hi to the people walking by, it felt like home and I missed it, I missed it so much. That’s when I knew that I was going to buy a bike, I was going to learn to ride it and I was going to ride until my butt was purple because I need to.

I spent the weekend bike shopping and found a bike, a car rack (household necessary purchase), fenders and a rack for the bike. It’s a male frame so they tossed in a women’s saddle and a bottle cage. There was a 40% off sale on gear so I also picked up a cheap shirt (for the pockets), a butt liner and some gloves. Basically, as Rozie put it, I went from zero to bike douche in one afternoon and I’m pretty stoked about it.

More details on bike to follow, ie. once I get it. It’s at the shop for fenders and rack etc. So who wants to start a bike gang? Leave a comment!

5 thoughts on “Zero to bike douche in one afternoon

  1. Yay, can’t wait to see it! Glad you went for that group ride too. The bike to work class was awesome. I learned how to start and stop without freaking out and got my seat up to the proper height. Everyone in my class had brand new bikes except me, and maybe the only guy.

    I’m up for some riding if you’re not super fast. I can do about 18kph, maybe faster if I push it. One day I will have a road bike too.

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