If you have to give a run related gift…

If you really want to get something run-related for your runner you’re going to need to think outside obvious running supplies at least as far as a gift certificate to their favourite running store.  Thinking back on my last year of running and racing I’ve come up with a few ideas:

Dinner out the night before (or the night before the night before) a race.  Plan an early evening of pasta and then a movie either out or at home to distract and relax before the big day.  You can’t go wrong with a feast after a race either.

Engrave their medals.  Of the three medals I received this year only one had the date on it and none of them said the distance.  I got them engraved so they all say “2012 half’” and my finish time so they’ve gone from future windchimes to race bling.

Race fees.  Don’t go out and sign your runner up for a race, but give them an IOU reedemable for race fees.  Do look up races first so you have an idea what kind of money you’ll be laying out and keep it on hand when race season rolls around.  The tricky thing with this is that asking someone for money sucks so don’t give this to someone who may feel awkward and not redeem it.

A massage.  But this isn’t specific to runners; EVERYONE likes getting rubbed.

Be a race taxi.  You know what sucks?  Parking near a race and getting out of the clusterfuck of post-race chaos afterwards.  If you have a vehicle or at least a valid licence it might be appreciated if you got up at the hairy asscrack of dawn, drove your runner as close to the start line as they’d like to be and then you deal with the hassle of finding parking.

Show up to the race.  No, this isn’t anything tangible and I’d probably punch anyone who thinks promising to show up on race day is an okay present, but it makes a huge difference.  Sign or no sign, you being there is huge.

So.  Runners!  What thinketh you?  Got anything else that should be on this list?

5 thoughts on “If you have to give a run related gift…

    • I’m glad you like them! Massages was Kat’s and I have no idea how I didn’t think of that myself.

      Gift cards are always solid and I try and use them for something I wouldn’t normally buy – like a more expensive pair of shoes or fancy robot spandex.

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