Boring Run Gear : Shoes Rozie Hates

Disclaimer: these may be your favourite shoes.  I want them to go die in a fire.  We have different feet and opinions.  Cool?

Hate hate hateBrooks Ghost IV.  Ugh.

I got these on recommendation of a running store employee based on my foot strike, running goals and the wear on a pair of 2.5 year old Asics 1140s.

At first I loved them.  The heel padding was full of science and non-Newtonian fluids.  The forefoot was cushy.  They weren’t too ugly and white!  They were so shiny and new I reserved them for only running and high impact activity.  Walking and wights?  Bring out the Asics!  Shoes aren’t cheap and I had to keep this investment fresh as long as possible.  That is until they broke my heart on Christmas day.

I laced up and headed out to do an easy 5-6k run before the family did presents.  From the get go, hips down, things just weren’t feeling right.  My legs felt heavy and dead.  Each step was a chore.  By 2k I knew something wasn’t right but I kept going.

At nearly 3k I passed the far end of my parents street and contemplated heading home but couldn’t do it for fear of my non-running family asking what I was doing home so soon.  So I kept going until 5k and then limped home, my right leg beaten and aching.  I threw those shoes back in my suitcase and started eating Advils like they were Christmas chocolates.

After that I rarely used those shoes.  I’d pull them out for the occasional run, thinking whatever injury that had been exacerbated by the shoes had healed enough to give them another try.  Almost every time they let me down.  I could feel my foot landing strangely and feel the twist radiate up my leg promising discomfort and poor performance.

Those shoes haven’t moved out of my closet in about two months and will only come out for one of two reasons.  1: to be set on fire.  2: to be used in the Not Since Moses race and then hurled into the Bay of Fundy accompanied by screams of “from whence you came!”

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